We are two best friends and tea lovers who left their jobs and ventured into the beautiful Tea Farms of Japan.

 We spent our days helping farmers and indulged ourselves in the beautiful process of making tea and spent our time with tea farmers in some of the most magical tea farms.

 In our journey, we noticed how difficult it is to deeply learn about Japanese tea and experience Japanese tea farms, as all of the farms and tea factories are private and are not open for the public. We also noticed the issue of the increasing number of aging farmers and abanded farms.

 This inspired us to shine a big bright light on the tea farmers and the beautiful farms to help connect all tea lovers from around the world to amazing Japanese tea and allowing all tea lovers to not only visit the beautiful farms but to also deeply experience the beautiful process of making Japanese tea and connect with tea farmers! We strongly believe that every tea lover should have access to the best tea and the most beautiful tea farms Japan has to offer.

 Our dream is to show the true beauty of Japanese tea and tea farms and to support the tea farmers and the tea industry.

 From our heart to yours, and from our teapot to your cup, we are, The Tea Bridge!

Thank you for supporting our dream!